My story starts with Show and Tell. . .

When I think back to the first story I told, it was in my first grade class for Show and Tell in Minnesooooota.  I did not have any objects or did not go on any vacations, but I did have an active imagination.  I remember my classmates glued to every word as I explained how a frog leapt into my hands.  Everyone was wondering what happened next. . . including me.  Now my memory is a little froggy from the story way back then, but I do remember walking home feeling bad because I knew I lied.  No frog leapt, danced in my hands or for that matter talked.  I had no idea some stories could be tall tales, but I DO KNOW NOW and I enjoy every minute writing, telling and illustrating stories from characters on their wild adventures or nature’s beautiful surprises that makes life such a yummy, sweet, tall-tale treat!  

My passion for picture books has carried me through many great rewards.  I have coordinated, organized and led workshops celebrating book illustration, collage and helping others to discover their passions or to move them forward in their creative endeavors.   My illustration process is a combination of surface-design techniques, paper, pencil, paint that are scanned, assembled then enhanced in Photoshop.  These fine organizations have helped me in my writing and illustrating journey--SCBWI, Storyteller Academy,  Julie Hedlund's 12 x 12 challenge and SVS (School of Visual Learning).

I married a rocket scientist, moved to sunny Arizona  and now have two grown sons.  Our house is filled with delight with the help of our little furry princess, Roxi who loves gathering my socks for treats.  


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PS pb dummies available upon request