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Celebrating my . . .
"OUR VERDICT: GET IT" award from 
Kirkus Reviews* for
It's always the right season to become a friend

"An appealing, preschool-friendly introduction to perseverance, selflessness, and the changing of the seasons." ---Kirkus Reviews

 *An OUR VERDICT: GET IT honor is awarded to less than 25% of Kirkus Reviews which averages anywhere between

 8,000-10,000 reviews a year. 

More FUN to come--                       yippeee!
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YEAH--TWITCH has arrived!

A Few Reviews--Thank You!

This book quickly became one of our daughter's favorite book! The illustrations drew her in but now she loves pointing out Twitch the squirrel, all the different birds, and the colorful leaves. Not a book we can get away with just reading once during reading time, she always asks for more.

I love the book! The story and

illustrations are great!

Good job!

Excellent, perfect, condition!!

The story and drawings are 

just wonderful. I may have to order more.

Beautiful illustrations and it has a wonderful story too! Our grandchildren will love it!

More to come. . .

The book arrived and I just finished reading it. It is a wonderful story! The inspiration story did bring joy to Tommy with the memories. . .

Congratulations again on a fabulous book!!!

Beautiful illustrations and lovely story with heart. Reading it every morning and night! Big hit with our grandson!

debra pehrson haun/Copyright/All rights reserved


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