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The tiniest owl in the world

The tiniest owl in the world


Celebrate the tiniest owl in the world—the elf owl. This little owl is about five inches tall. They weigh 1 to 1.5 ounces. They are rare little birds who eat beetles, scorpions, crickets, moths

 and centipedes. You can find them in the SW USA and Mexico.


Perfect for -- nature lovers, owl lovers, whimsical kid’s décor, graphic illustration art, southern west art, bird lovers, southwest original art, whimsical Arizona/Mexico cactus.


PRICE/SIZE            $12.99     14” x 11” 



You will be notified by text when product ships usually in two days


RETURNS/EXCHANGES   --   Please message me


Printed on an Epson Sure color P800 Professional Printer/Epson Premium Glossy Paper



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