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TWITCH (hardcover)

TWITCH (hardcover)


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When Twitch watches his feathered friends fly south for the winter, he becomes lonely. He decides to take care of a tiny leaf bud high up in a tree. It’s so tiny it will never make it through the winter. He names it Little Bud.


Join Twitch and Little Bud in this heartwarming story on how you do not have to be two-of-a-kind to become friends. Discover how the magic of the seasons is the ideal backdrop to highlight all the surprises and mysteries that the seasons and new friendships bring.


Fun facts about leaves and leaf buds will add to the educa-tional value.


It’s always the right season to become a friend!




“An appealing, preschool-friendly introduction to perseverance, selflessness, and the changing of the seasons. OUR VERDICT: GET IT*—Kirkus Reviews.


“Haun’s well-paced but brief story is a sweet introduction to both social-emotional values and ecology, the latter through

 its inclusion of fun facts about buds in the aftermatter. The tale

 could take place in anyone’s backyard, providing readers with

a relatable entry point to the story. Twitch’s constant concern for Little Bud is touching and could become a gateway for

children to learning about responsibility by growing a plant at home. The author brings her signature artistic style to the tale, with illustrations based in collage, using materials that add visual texture to the narrative, such as the plaid fabric patterns in the tree leaves.”


*An OUR VERDICT: GET IT honor is an award given to less than 25% of Kirkus Reviews which average anywhere between 8,000

to 10,000 reviews a year.


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Weight 10.5 ounces

Dimensions 10.31” x 8.25” x .375”

Printed in the USA



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